Wednesday, May 21, 2008 tip #1

Tonight I was prompted by a Twitter from Wil Wheaton (who I follow on Twitter) to figure out how to create a hotkey to bring up the word count dialog.

Since I took the time to figure it out I thought that I would mention it here.

Within the Writer choose the 'Tools' menu and select the 'Customize' item from the menu (or hit Alt+T then C).

Choosing this menu item will launch the 'Customize' dialog. From here click the Keyboard tab, and choose a Shortcut key that is not in use (I chose CTRL+F5). Within the Category field (near the bottom left) choose 'Options', scroll down in the 'Function' field and choose 'Word Count'. From here click 'Modify' (on the right near the top) and then click OK and you are done.

So there you go, pretty straightforward, once you know where to look.

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