Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Friday's Game

As I mentioned last week my gaming group is starting up a new game to play until we get 4th edition D&D. The first game is in the can and I must say we all had a lot of fun. One of our gaming buddies who has been on hiatus was back to game with us, which was nice. And someone other than me was running the game, which was also nice.

Usually I prefer running a game over playing in one, but I need downtime sometimes. A game where all I really have to worry about is my character and their interaction with the game world is nice once in a while.

And our DM is doing a real good job of keeping the stress and tension up, which is needed in this type of game. We are all enjoying this game a lot. So much so, in fact, that once we got all the characters made and started gaming we didn't notice the time go by. It has been a long time since we gamed past 4 in the morning.

A very fun night was had by all.


jimthegray said...

glad you did, it has been a fun game

movies said...

Deep storylines and amazing roleplaying? I must've been playing with the wrong group.