Thursday, May 8, 2008

Looking for a church

I need to find a church that will provide what my family needs spiritually. In the past I have been burned by legalistic churches, and fly by night churches, and I have gone to some good churches, but those are too far away for regular attendance.

What we need is a church that will allow us to explore the mystical relationship between God and man, both corporately and individually. We need a church that, while it does not condone iniquity, it does not attack or destroy ones who stumble.

I need a church that has people and resources to help me explore the theological and spiritual history that 2000 years of Christianity have created. And will do so without prejudice regarding the source of that history (within reason of course). I want to study the early church fathers, as well as the teachings and theology of Catholicism, Protestantism and post-Protestantism. The Catholic church teachings, the Methodist, the Anglican, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian... well you get the point.

There are millennia of thoughts to explore and while I have done some of this on my own, and have done some at previous churches, this is something that I think I need to interact with people about.


Anonymous said...

I attend a church, currently meeting at Clark High School in Plano on Sunday mornings, whose Pastor really has a passion for church history and is available to people so they can discuss all kinds of topics and probably would love to go into depth with the subject matter you speak of. Sometimes when you find that church you love, it is worth the drive, which is the case for me. I know you and your family would find what you need there.

Osye E. Pritchett III said...

It sounds like you are inviting me to CitiPointe Church, which is a church I attended for many years. I learned a lot there but it is not where God seems to be leading me now.