Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lone Wolf

Anyone out there remember the Lone Wolf series? I remember reading and re-reading these books many times over. Well I recently found out that you can download the original books here. Or read about them here.

And now all of the original books are being updated, revised with new material and re-released by Mongoose Publishing, the same company that created the d20 Lone Wolf setting. They are also going to release the final 4 never before released books #29 - #32.

Also Joe Dever the author is apparently involved with a computer game version of the book to be released August 2008.

All in all this seems to be a pretty exciting time for Lone Wolf fans.

I just wonder if they are going to re-release the Grey Star books.

Update: It appears that the Lone Wolf computer game will be released in 2010.

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