Monday, December 10, 2007

Could it be an...

overreacting news story?

Oh, my goodness, I have a case of the vapors!

Playing games makes people more aggressive. Human beings interacting over the computer can lead to crime. We must shut these things down!!

I mean seriously, we only just recently got rid of all violent crime caused when people interact in the real world and now there is a whole new environment that is fostering violent behavior.

What's that you say? You mean we still have violent crime due to human interaction in the non-cyber world? What is the world coming to? Well there is no way around it we will need to ban interaction in all settings, then maybe we can do away with all of this violence and crime and rudeness.

Or maybe, just maybe, these outlying examples of antisocial behavior are being exhibited by individuals that are already antisocial in some way to begin with. And if they didn't act out this way they would in another. Maybe when humans interact, under any circumstances there will be a certain percentage that do things that we do not want them to do.

Crime, violence , and even rudeness have been with us for our entire history. They will probably last a long, long time into our future. Instead of being overly excitable Grinches who want to damage or do away with some one else's fun maybe we should try to find constructive ways to teach personal responsibility.

Naaaa, that would detract from the victim mindset that we are all supposed to have.

Oh well...

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