Sunday, April 27, 2008

Friday night game 03

Our regular Friday night games have not been happening lately, between my stress and tiredness working on my business and my wife's work schedule we just have not had the energy or time to game like we want to. But we are all chomping at the bit to get started again. So our group has been having an email conversation about what to do.

We decided that since 4th edition D&D is out in a few weeks, and 6th edition Hero system is out next year so we try something different. But what? We talked about everything from Ars Magica to Traveller and eventually decided that since we will probably be trying out D&D 4th in a few weeks that a fast and furious game in a modern or future setting would probably be a good thing to try. After discussing it for we decided to do a "Zombie Apocalypse" type game and we are going to use the World of Darkness 4th edition rules.

The idea is to play "normal" characters and see how long they can survive etc. Now for the past almost 10 years I have done most of the DMing* but I am too tired, stressed and busy to do any game running at the moment so another of our group who has run quite a few games in the past is going to run this one.

So far this game is shaping up to be a fun way to pass the time till we can try out D&D 4th ed. Also it looks like one of our game group will be back after a long hiatus from gaming, which is nice.

More later.

*I started gaming in 1980 with D&D and will almost always call it Dungeon Mastering as opposed to Game Mastering or Refereeing. I am something of a traditionalist.

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