Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Felicia Day's 'The Guild' and supporting Joss Whedon's Alumni

A few days ago I was checking out You Tube, as I occasionally do, and I noticed a video called "The Guild" on the front page. It looked interesting so I clicked and watched. (Actually it was not the first in the series so I went to the first ep and watched from there.) Then I watched the next episode, and the next and so on till I had watched all 6 episodes(4, 5, and 6 ). Then once the laughter died down I sat and waited for the next episode...

Anyway "The Guild" is very funny, and I found it to be compelling as well as hilarious. While I was watching it I thought that the lead actress looked familiar so I did a little digging and found out that she was or is Felicia Day, aka Vi from season seven "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" for us Joss Whedon fans(fanatics, freaks... whatever). Well I thought that this was pretty cool, but then I found out she wrote the show herself, and I was even more impressed.

So I did some more digging and found her website and her blog, "The Flog" which is a pretty good read. So this provides a great opportunity to support one of Joss Whedon's Alumni. Everyone should run out and buy a copy... oh wait you can't, you will just have to watch it for free on You Tube. Go ahead and do it now, I'll wait till you are done to finish up here....

Funny huh? :)

So to continue my thought, BtVS is my all time favorite TV show, and so far I have liked or loved (usually loved) everything I have seen or read that Joss has done (I am trying to collect back issues of Runaways so I can read them in order). And if only for that reason I would support his future work. But beyond that, I find his work to be moving, exciting, pretty much the best that Hollywood has going for it. And he has a way of finding, or drawing (or maybe summoning) the best talent, from his writers to his crew, to his actors, almost all of his alumni are worth keeping an eye on and Felicia Day is no exception.

It is worth noting here that Felicia was an avid WoW player and is writing these shows from inside experience. :) So watch her show, read her blog and keep an eye out for her in upcoming shows.

Oh and apparently she has started playing D&D too! How cool is that!!

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Felicia said...

Thank you so much for linking my show! I really appreciate it and I'm happy it makes you chuckle :)