Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday WoW

Played WoW for 7 hours last night, mostly because my wife was out with her co-workers singing karaoke till all hours of the night, and I find it hard to sleep while she is out. But I had fun, it was the longest I had played any video game in years and I enjoyed it.

Of course my wife had a hangover today, and even though we liked having the extra hour, neither of us remembered about the extra hour until she was about to leave for work :)

Speaking of WoW I thought that I would list some of the sites that I have found to be useful with WoW:
I play WoW on my Windows system and keep these sites open in FireFox on my Ubuntu Linux system.

I was informed this morning that my daughter had an art project to do for school she was supposed to make a cutout in construction paper of the person she most admires. She chose me. That is the most humbling event that I have experienced in a long time. When my wife told me with my daughter sitting at the kitchen table, she looked up at me with the most sincere and open expression and it was all I could do not to cry :)

It is my earnest and heartfelt prayer that I can be worthy of the respect that my children show me.

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