Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Game Last Night

One of my players had to work so we did not get to continue the game last night, so the characters are still trapped in the now insecure temple.

But one of my players and I stayed up till almost 5AM programming. We had been talking about creating an Ars Magica [link] character creation and tracking tool for a while and we decided last night to start tackling the project. As usual for us we are using Python with the wxPython toolkit for this project.

One really enjoyable thing about this peer programming session was that I had an opportunity to learn some of the refactoring techniques that are mentioned in wxPython In Action by Noel Rappin and Robin Dunn.

The session was probably one of the most fruitful programming session we have had. We accomplished a lot in a relatively short time and I really learned a lot.

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