Thursday, March 5, 2009

GeekNerd Holidays

Being a geek\nerd hybrid of sorts I decided to put together a calendar of important geeknerd Holidays, so without further ado:

  • Starting out on 1/15 we have Wikipedia Day, the day that the worlds largest encyclopedia went public.
  • Square root day doesn't happen every year, and only falls in March once a century, but this year it happens to fall in March and when in March it is always on the third (3/3/09 3 being the square root of 9). We won't see this day again till 4/4/16
  • We March Fourth for GM's on GM's Day celebrated on March 4th.
  • 3/5 is the Square root of Christmas. Nuff said.
  • The month of March also has a new celebration Nerdigras from 3/5 to 3/14 we celebrate all things nerd and geek.
  • Pi Day 3/14
  • Tolkien reading day March 25th is also the day to celebrate the Fall of Sauron!

  • In July we have the 22nd, noted in the European format as 22/7 which, being a very good approximation of Pi, is Pi Approximation Day.
  • A dear day to my heart is the System Administrator Appreciation Day properly observed on the last Friday of July (7/31 this year), I am not a SysAdmin but I doubt there will ever be a Setup Author Day.
  • Arrrgh ye be remembering the International Talk Like A Pirate Day right me hardies? It be falling on the 19 every year.
  • Software Freedom Day observed on the third saturday of September falls on 9/19 this year so, we be celebratin' sof'ware and piracy on the same day, hmm....
  • A paramount day to many a nerd should be (and is) Hobbit Day the day that Bilbo and Frodo were born. Though there is some disagreement as to what day on our calendar this really is, I observe it on the 22.
  • The 23 of this month brings us mole day, not the animal but the unit of amount of substance, celebrated between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM this is a very nerdy day, Dave.
  • The second thursday after thanksgiving is the International Sweater Vestival so everyone wear your sweater vests with pride, it lands on 12/4 this year.
  • December 5th is the Day of the Ninja which was apparently started in opposition to the Talk Like a Pirate Day. Not real fond of this one myself but thought I would include it for completeness sake. *
  • Christmas is not overly geeky or nerdy in essence but I love this holiday so I am listing it, 12/25. However, it is a great day to get lots of geeky gifts!

Anyone see any days that I missed. I am sure there are some.

Note: Added June 14th
* updated on 6/17/2010

** updated on 7/06/2011

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