Thursday, March 18, 2010

2009 in Review

Well it's past time for me to jot down a few things from 2009, and well past time for me to post on my blog.

  • I started the year continuing the application packaging contract I had started at the end of 2008, it lasted 8 or 9 months in total.
  • We had an excellent family vacation in San Antonio with grandparents, some of the siblings and a great grand parent. We spent a week there doing a lot of river tubing, playing at the Schlitterbahn, we stopped by Luckenbach, Texas, which was totally cool, and in general had a awesome vacation.
  • I started a new application packaging contract as we got back from the family vacation. This contract lasted till just before Christmas which worked out pretty well since my wife's hours always increase as Christmas approaches.
  • We have been in the same apartment since the middle of 2008, and have renewed the lease a couple of times. We will probably be here for another year or so.
  • We had to have both vehicle's transmissions rebuilt, which cost over $4000.00
  • Played some D&D, some Hero System Fantasy Hero, some WOD, some Warhammer Fantasy and some Dark Heresy\Rogue Trader.
  • Got lazy about my blogging
  • Quit drinking Dr Pepper, most days I was drinking between 8 cans (96 oz) and 12 cans (144 oz) of Dr Pepper a day, some days though I would drink up to a case (288 oz). At the height of my habit more than a decade ago I would drink even more. I quit cold turkey Feburary 4, 2008, having the flu that week made it a little easier. To help with quitting I started drinking water all day long, since cutting down on thirst made me less likely to break down and drink a Dr Pepper.
  • I started eating healthier in July, increasing my fruit and veggies, cutting down on salt and junk food, and balancing my carbohydrates, fat and protein. In the process I have gone from 230 lbs to 169. 61 pounds lost and over 8 inches off my waist.
And then the year was over.